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Your catamaran or cabin cruiser rental for 2 to 8 people. For a successful cruise in the West Indies with a Captain, hostess, and full board.



Your catamaran cruise, rent the cabin for 2 with a maximum of 8 persons.
Caribbean cruise for a successful, with skipper and hostess, full board.
Here are the formulas of sailing cruise on the Caribbean, with Sun Yacht Charter:
Originally from Martinique to the Grenadines: 10jours/8nuits
From St Maarten to St Barth: 9jours/7nuits
Originally from Martinique to Guadeloupe in Oneway: 9jours/7nuits
Originally from Guadeloupe to Martinique in the Oneway: 9jours/7nuits
Description of the cruise:
All Inclusive (all inclusive)
Catamaran 4 double cabins with private bathroom
Skipper + Hostess cooker
Full board with meals and drinks
Airport transfer (only departing from Martinique)
Not included in the sailing cruise:
Airfare (prices depending on season) Cancellation of airfare possible without charge 31 days before departure
Cancellation insurance
One Way for Virgin Islands: approximately $ 110 per person depending on season
Tipping kitty and crew at 100 euros per person
Sun Yacht Charter cabin cruises tailored by destination:
- The Grenadines in A / R in eight nights on board (7 nights, not that we consider too short)
- The Virgin Islands in seven nights on board with oneway trip airfare (we consider that the return into the wind and the sea is uncomfortable and unattractive)
- The Guadeloupe to Martinique in the Oneway, arrival flight from Paris to Pointe a Pitre AND return Fort de France in Paris
- The Martinique to Guadeloupe in oneway: flight arrival and returned to Fort de France Pointe Pitre to Paris
Information and quotes:
Cruise information and specifications
Cruising catamaran:
Cruise catamaran Grenadines
Caribbean Catamaran Cruise
Martinique catamaran cruise
Guadeloupe catamaran cruise
Cruise catamaran the map
Catamaran cruise cabin
All Catamaran Cruises offer the same quality of accommodation and services:
Catamaran NUC (Cargo Collective Use) communication with WHF
Crew: Captain 200UMS Hostess and skipper for CIN, Patented French Merchant Navy
Ship and passenger liability insurance
Services including meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner with drinks. The meals are cooked and prepared on board from fresh ingredients (no dishes industrial). They consist of mixed salad, quiche, melon, barbecue grills, meat or fish, vegetables, cheese, fruit and desserts. Drinks: wine pink, red, white rum, beer, fruit juice, cola, mineral water.
Marina Airport transfer by mini bus (in Martinique).
On Board provides passengers: Fins / Masks / Tuba, solarium bench, cane fishing (master's responsibility), Email (schedule and rates available on board), Appendix rigid 3,40 m with outboard 15 HP (driving by the crew), Deck Shower
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