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Caribbean Island Vacation

Caribbean Island Vacation

Your stay in the Caribbean:

Prepare your stay in the Caribbean

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We are familiar with the Caribbean whether the Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Martinique, StMartin, Virgin Islands, we will advise the excursions (hiking, diving ...), guides,restaurants, parties in lively bars in his bands ...

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Catamaran rentals :

Catamaran rental - Lagoon 500
Catamaran rental - Salina 48
Catamaran rental - Nautitech 47
Catamaran rental - Lagoon 440
Catamaran rental - Nautitech 44
Catamaran rental - Lagoon 450
Catamaran rental - Lipari 41
Catamaran rental - Nautitech 40
Catamaran rental - Lavezzi 40
Catamaran rental - Lagoon 400
Catamaran rental - Lagoon 380
Catamaran rental - Mahe 36
Sailboat rental Amadeus
Catamaran rental - Orana 44

Other activities:

Sun Yacht Charter book for you to rent your equipment for your stay in the Antilles.
British Virgin Islands

Located north of the Lesser Antilles, British Virgin Islands (BVI) are comprised of a multitude of nearby islands. These islands have all their particularity, topography, geology, history.The main Tortola, Road Town is the city of the same name as its bay, Harbour Road, huge bay that houses a huge database of rental yacht. Turned to tourism whose origin is mainly American, Tortola has modern infrastructure. Its international airport is located on a peninsula in the west, Beef Island.

The island of St Maarten

The Friendly Island, St Maarten's Island friendship, separated into two countries, France and Holland, Euros and Dollars are the currency used.

Guadeloupe: Antigua

The island of Antigua is located north of Guadeloupe, typically Anglo-Saxon, its first port arriving from the south is English Harbour, very touristy, it was built by Admiral Nelson. Antigua became the gathering place of luxury yachting with its Boat Show and Sailing Week, renowned throughout the Caribbean.

Guadeloupe: Dominica

The island of Dominica is located between Guadeloupe and Martinique, very mountainous, lush tropical vegetation and greenery recalls the Polynesian islands

Guadeloupe: Marie Galante

The peculiarity of Marie Galante is its form and relief, round and flat like a pancake, which differentiates it from others in high relief. Marie Galante is paired with Belle île, the Lawrence Arms song there is something naturally and recently offshore racing Trophy BPE has strengthened the pairing of these two islands.

Guadeloupe and its islands

Located in Guadeloupe in the West Indies and north part of overseas territories. This island is distinguished by its form butterfly wings, Basse Terre and Grande Terre.

Guadeloupe: the Saintes archipelago

The Saintes are located south of Guadeloupe, formed more blocks, more or less which is the busiest GROUND UP.The locals like to say that here is the St Tropez of the Caribbean, with its colorful and lively small town, why not!

Tobago Cays

An immense coral reef in pastel colors and translucent just stop the swell of the Atlantic extending from Canouan to Union. This is a must during a stay in the Grenadines islands.


This small island owes its reputation to its people, VIPs and celebrities are indeed the owners of palatial homes surrounded by beautiful parks, well maintained, with tropical vegetation and tamed paradise.


Just south of St Vincent, Bequia Island, this island is the landing point for boats, refueling and customs formalities in Port Elizabeth in Admiralty Bay.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines

There are two independent states in the Grenadines, Grenadines north is the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and south of the state is Grenades, the border is Union.


Martinique is the most southerly island of the French Antilles, like all Caribbean islands, it has an Atlantic coast, the coast IS the wind and the leeward coast facing the Caribbean Sea, the coast WEST.

Sainte Lucia

The island of St. Lucia is located twenty miles south of Marine Martinique.Like other islands in the Caribbean it was invaded in turn by the British and the French to finally be independentThe city of Castries is home to the commercial port and an airport, international airport located south to Old Fort, typical tropical city, with a covered market and a magnificent church, the structure of exotic wood is a masterpiece of architectural work


Catamaran rentals :

Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Lagoon 500
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Salina 48
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Nautitech 47
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Lagoon 440
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Nautitech 44
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Lagoon 450
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Lipari 41
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Nautitech 40
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Lavezzi 40
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Lagoon 400
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Lagoon 380
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Mahe 36
Sailboat rental Amadeus
Catamaran rental - Bareboat charter - Orana 44

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